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Browser Wars: The Least You Need to Know

December was an exciting month for web browsing.  (Can you tell I don’t get out much?)  The number-two-browser-on-the-web baton is changing hands; Internet Explorer is making some drastic changes; and Firefox continues to update faster than you can keep track of. All of these things can impact your website and how visitors perceive your brand.

How long ago was your website built and when was the last time it was browser tested? At BoxCrush®, we test our website designs in the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox (Mac and PC), Chrome (Google’s web browser) and Safari (the default Mac/iPhone browser).

Clearly if your corporate site hasn’t been updated since 1997, you are in trouble, but what about if your organization had a website redesign last year, or even the beginning of this year?  Your site should be ok, right?  Maybe not. (more…)

Search Marketing Specialist at Box Crush

My name is Michelle and I am excited to be part of the team here at BoxCrush. As the Search Marketing Specialist, I look forward to getting to know current and potential clients, and working with you to determine how we at BoxCrush can help you to meet your business goals.

My role includes keyword research, managing Pay-Per-Click advertising, more commonly known as Google AdWords, and Social Media. Google AdWords are the ads that (more…)

The Alphabet According to Google

With Google’s new live search, I thought it would be fun to search for each letter in the alphabet to see whose domain laid claim to that one character search term. Below are the results.

These results may vary. They may be directed to the location that I am searching from, which is Indianapolis, IN. And this is starting from I’ve tested searching directly from Google’s toolbar, and it displays different results.

Feel free to test these search results yourself, and post a comment if you find that you get something different.

See the results after the break. (more…)

Overlooking the Form

Overlooking your own bias and making sure you accommodate your client base is often a challenge. When I visit websites looking for a way to contact a potential vendor, I consistently avoid contact forms and look for a direct email address. Any site that does not offer an email address or a phone number and only confronts me with a form will never get my business. For this reason, my web design business has not had a contact form in the years we have been in business and I am sure I have missed out on business because of it.

Just like my biases toward an email address, which to me feels more direct, there is a whole audience that feels that having to leave the website and move from the web browser to their email program is a chore. Some users might also be doing research on a guest computer at the library, an internet café on the road, or at a location that (more…)

How-To: Proofread Your Website

At some point in the course of every web design project, the client will be offered the opportunity to view a fully functional version of his site before it goes live. In this late phase of the project, the client is usually reviewing content that has been passed around multiple times in the form of Word documents. Clients often proof the text in a more relaxed manner because of this and are exposing themselves to typos, coding mistakes, and text they don’t even know is present.

Where is the hidden text?

Sighted users are not the only visitors to your site. Vision-impaired users and search engines cannot interpret photos, and while you may not be aware of it, your web designer has the ability to put descriptions of the photos (or Alt Tags) that help describe the photo. A photo of the city of Indianapolis might have an underlying description that says “Indianapolis skyline.” Each page of your site should also have a unique Description tag and Title tag.

You can see the Title by looking at the top of your browser while visiting the page. The only way to (more…)

WordPress 3 Generic Content Plugin

One of my favorite features of a commercial CMS we use is the Generic Content Module. This module allows you to create content outside of any particular page. You may then reference this content by simply dropping a control onto the page editor and selecting the content id. This is a wonderful solution for sharing content across pages. It also allows for easy translation.

WordPress 2.9 unfortunately does not have similar functionality to the Generic Content Module, so I set out to see how I can develop one on my own. Version 2.9 does not make this easy, since custom post types are not easy to create. The database supports them, but you are on your own in terms of (more…)

Is the Product Catalog Extinct?

As an agency that produces both printed catalog design and eCommerce websites, we have the luxury of viewing marketing returns for both print and web applications.

Some clients have approached us to translate their print catalogs into eCommerce sites with the intention of never producing a catalog again. Their goal is to lower their costs by eliminating printing and mailing costs. Does this mean that print catalogs are becoming extinct?

Other clients have maintained a balance between their print and web offerings. One trend that is definitely apparent is that phone orders are down and web orders are up. It would be very easy to assume that the print catalog has become irrelevant especially if you (more…)

Indianapolis Web Design Company Launches Series of Websites for Kiwanis International

View the press release.

Dan Finney Design, Inc., a website design firm located in Indianapolis, IN, launched the website today for Kiwanis International. This site marks the sixth in a series of web redevelopments by Dan Finney Design for Kiwanis, including,,,, and

The new sites give the Kiwanis Web team the ability to allow multiple contributors to author text, update photos, and submit content for approval to managers who can revise and manage the websites’ content via a user-friendly CMS (more…)